MGL Home

We bring the Ultimate Gaming experience right to your front door! Our luxury, limo-style theater on wheels mgl logo2features 5 HUGE High-Definition TVs!  We have “FIFTEEN” consoles and 5 TVs on the inside and an amazing 70″ HDTV that serves our the party guest on the  outside.” When we arrive at a party the kids feel like they have gone to gaming heaven. We have all the latest titles from Xbox 360, Wii, and Playstation 3 and 4!

Were you looking for a DJ? Our outside DJ sound system eliminates the need for a DJ and allows the whole crowd to enjoy the party!   We come equipped with all the latest songs, videos and movies.

544551_542059702535188_996271081_nOur Satellite TV makes for the ultimate tailgate!  Imagine the Big Game on the outside TV’s while the kids play video games inside…or the game on all 6 TV’s…it’s the party of the year!

mgl4Planning a Summer or Winter Party? We are climate controlled! So during the winter our party coaches will make sure the kids have a blast on the inside while during the warmer days our music and movies make the adults and little tikes have as much fun on the outside!