Mobile Game Lounge

                         xBox 360 


THE MOBILE GAME LOUNGE is not like any of the other “Video Game Trucks” out there.  Our parties are fun for those on inside and outside of the Game Lounge.  We’ve learned that most birthday parties are filled with friends of the birthday boy or girl along with parents and other adults so we bring something for everyone.  On the inside of the lounge we entertain our guests with 15 consoles connected to 5 HDTV’s. On the outside, we entertain our guests with dancing games, movies, and DirectTV all connected to a 70” HDTV located on the exterior of the lounge.  This means that you can dance, watch movies or football games and have a party on the outside while the rest of the party plays on the inside. We also have 1000 hours of the latest age and genre appropriate music feeding a 5000 watt exterior sound system so that everyone

THE MOBILE GAME LOUNGE offers various games and consoles to choose from. Each HDTV has connection to a WiiXbox and a PS3 so you can play whatever game you like on any platform at any time.  Plus, you can take advantage of all the newest games supplied to us by our partner GameStop and play as a team with your friends or play by yourself and enjoy separate games. The Game Lounge is the ultimate place for a group to have fun together at parties, festivals and more.

THE MOBILE GAME LOUNGE understands that as a parent you have concerns about the care of your children and that you entrust us with your children while inside the lounge.  We honor this trust by providing 100% supervision at all times.  In addition to making sure the environment is safe for your children, our knowledgeable “Game Coach” is standing by to help anyone who needs it.

Not only do we bring the latest games, and music, but we are also equipped to show Pay-Per-View sporting events as well as all sporting events on High Definition DirecTV.