What Makes Us Different

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the differences between the video game trucks?

A. Most reputable video game companies offer an add-on feature that their  competitors do not offer.  Some offer free food and some offer additional activities over and above video games. The Mobile Game Lounge focuses on bringing fun to the entire party.  That’s why we have DIRECTV on the outside in addition to the latest movies and tons of music.  We believe that a party will not be fun if only those on the inside are being entertained.  Everybody wants to have fun so we bring entertainment for everyone at the party.

Q. What is the average price of a rental?

A. Most of your established companies charge around $350.00 for the first two hours and $100.00 per hour after that.  Some companies are less expensive but you get much less for your money.  Less games, small vehicles, less staff, no A/C and lower quality.  Most companies also discount Monday through Thursday and give discounts to non-profit companies.

Q. What should I look for when selecting a company?

A. As long as you chose a reputable game truck company such as The Mobile Game Lounge, Extreme Game Truck or even the Game Truck Party (yes I mentioned the competition), you will have a good video game truck party.  All of these companies are insured and come with qualified staff and will protect the interest of your kids.  The Mobile Game Lounge always has between two and three adults on site at all times to ensure that the kids inside are supervised and the party outside is supervised.

Q. What makes us different?

A. The Mobile Game Lounge serves all communities; We serve the valley as well as the inner city.  We have devised a methodology of working that creates an environment that allows all kids to come in and have fun while leaving all bad habits outside of the trailer.

We have DIRECTV so you can view all of their programming on the outside TV.  With the DIRECTV, you can have a super bowl party or a boxing party in the park with all of your adult friends while the kids enjoy the video games inside.

We come with a full DJ system.  When we first starting doing video game parties we had a small sound bar on the outside. We quickly realized that most parties like music so we contacted our DJ friends and started compiling all of the latest clean mixes.  We have 5000 watts of sound and all of the music you can want for your party.

Finally, as parents we know what is important to the adults and we do our best to make sure the parents feel that their children are in the best of care.  We provide appropriate games for the event and ensure that the under age children are not playing games designed for adults.

Privacy Policy

Use of photographs taken at mobile game lounge parties:

The mobile game lounge reserves the right to use photographs taken at any mobile game lounge party. We will only use the photographs on the website, social media and printed material.

We will not disclose any personal information such as names or addresses of the events or any of the guests or the host.